Trumps Fake Movie Trailer Starring Kim Jong Un: What the Hell Did I Just Watch?


    On Tuesday, President Trump devoted Kim Jong Un a very special present: a personalized movie trailer starring–you guessed it–Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. Apparently, all you need to practice international diplomacy in the Trump era is a free trial of Final Cut Pro X and zero qualms about rebranding a merciless despot as an act hero.

    When I first heard about this four-minute-long visual circle jerk, I was like,” I want to die, I long for the sweet freeing of demise, nuclear annihilation now pls ,” etc. But then when I realized that Dennis Rodman might make a brief cameo and finally explain cryptocurrency to me( spoiler alarm: he doesn’t) I was like, fine, I guess I’ll stop watching the A Star Is Born trailer on recur and suffer through some half-assed propaganda. On a scale from one to A Star Is Born , I’d give this trailer a zero: no Lady Gaga, would not recommend. But in terms of movie trailers consisting almost completely of inventory photos of shiny cities and qualifies, doubtlessly put together at the last possible minute on the caprice of an impulsive idiot, I would still give this trailer a zero because it was really poorly written and also bad.

    The trailer, a” Destiny Picture Production ,” begins with a brief overview of Earth:” Seven billion people inhabit planet Earth. Of those alive today, only a small number will leave a long-lasting impact. And merely the very few will make decisions or take actions that renew their homeland and change the course of history .” But what is history?” History may appear to repeat itself for generations, cycles that never seem to end .” But what about the light of prosperity?” The sun of prosperity and innovation has burned bright for most of the world .” But what does any of this have to do with footage of Times Square, the Taj Mahal, and a woman wearing VR goggles? The video does not say.

    After a 30 -second or so history of the world according to stock photos, the trailer begins slipping in images of Trump and Jong Un. The general concept of this “movie,” which likewise happens to be our life-or-death reality, is that these two men have the power to disrupt a cycle of conflict and violence and engineer peace. Or in the words of the screenwriting school dropout who scripted this fiasco,” There comes a day when only a few are called upon to make a difference. But the question is, what difference will the few induce ?… Out of the dark can come the light .” So far I’m getting a Harry Potter vibe except, in this case, The Chosen One is a 71 -year-old former reality Tv host and his destiny seems to be putting up a ton of power lines. It’s a classic narration of good versus cruelty, where cruelty is represented through adversity and conflict, and good is typified by unbelievable phone service.

    The ambitious trailer goes on to tackle closer relations between North and South Korea, marketing their reconciliation as an upcoming “sequel.” Then we’re back to pictures of Trump, this time proven side by side with a shot of Kim Jong Un. Against a pounding score, the narrator exhorts these two leaders to move towards their shared “destiny”: shooting of Earth, clip of a hand feeding a plummet of water to a seedling, bridge, airplane, ships, lab, basketball dunk, Kim Jong Un.

    ” What will he opt? To show vision, and leadership ?… or not ?!” the narrator booms. To underscore this turning, the trailer have started to sizzle and self-destruct.” There can only be two makes: one of moving back “– abandoned bicycle, missile, miscellaneous warfare, old-timey movie countdown –” or one of moving forward “: rockets launching but IN REVERSE, happy building cranes.

    ” A new world can begin today !” our budget Mr. Moviefone promises. Don’t believe him? Do these majestic white horses operating on water convince you? No? How about some home video footage of children playing bumper automobiles?

    Together, the trailer think this is saying, we can build a future where everyone uses Apple Pay to get drone deliveries and has access to unlimited CAT scans. If nothing else, I appreciate that this trailer sinks to my degree of financial literacy, where economic prosperity is communicated through a single image of a inventory chart and the ability to order things online. At a certain degree the trailer basically restarts, hammering its message with a whole new determined of scenes. Kim Jong Un is once again urged to consider the summit as his opportunity to change the history books.” On the working day, in these times, at this moment, “the worlds” will be watching…Will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of a new world? Be the hero of his people ?”

    ” Will he shake the hand of peace ?” the narrator continues over video of Donald Trump waving his hand in the air.” Which path will be chosen ?”

    Awesome movie trailer, you were probably guessing, but who were those nice, handsome, thin and perfect co-stars?” Featuring President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un ,” the trailer concludes, complete with pictures and a quote from each of them.” In a fulfill to remake history–to glisten in the sunshine. One instant, one choice, what if ?” The terms” the future remains to be written” appear on the screen and then fade-out to black.

    In summation, yes, it is a great idea to present a home-made movie trailer at big important fulfills. However, it would have been nice if this trailer featured more than two voice influences and didn’t just rephrase the same mind over and over again in order to fulfill a duration requirement.

    On the other hand, I did acknowledge the imagination train and magic pony representation, and I can’t wait for Destiny Scene to liberate the pissing videotape!

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