This Woman Tests And Reviews Sex Toys For A Living. Here’s What She’s Discovered.


    While many of us spend our days counting down the hours until we finally get off from project, Cara Sutra spends her periods getting off — at work.

    Sutra earns her living in part by testing and examining sexuality dolls. Her eponymous website, Cara Sutra, boasts over 2,000 product reviews and features sexuality and sexuality toy advisory opinions and even giveaways.

    She came to this line of work from, believe it or not, banking — a job she dropped in 2005 to focus on her blog. There she offers frank talk about sexuality, erotic letter, relationship advice and a whole lot more.

    Sutra began commenting about her own buys on sex toy producer Lovehoney’s website in 2009. Later the company started sending her products to evaluate as part of its reviewer program, and since then she’s spreading to testing a variety of brands.

    In 2010, Sutra took a chore with while still working on her website on the side. Two years later, she left to go freelance full hour. Now, she rakes in the money in a number of different pleasure-filled ways.

    “The majority of my income is from on-site flag advertising, sponsored promotional copywriting, product developing consultancy and helping toy shops marketing their business online , not from sex plaything reviewing, ” she told HuffPost. “Although this is one of the services I offer. I likewise write for other sex doll websites as an advisor/ blogger, as well as having a bi-monthly editorial in the U.K. adult industry trade publication, ETO.”

    Suffice it to say that we had plenty of questions for Sutra about her chore, if we could have her occupation and if, when it comes to sexuality dolls, more expensive is actually better.

    Check out the buzz below.

    Your job sounds pretty much like a dream to us. Do you always get that reaction?

    Online, I tend to get fantastic replies, mainly as the issues to will be from people already aware of the circles I hang with. Face to face, I typically ease into it gently if someone asks. I start by telling them I write about sexuality matters, gauge their response to that, then bring it around to sex toy reviews if the conversation has a friendly flow. I’ve never had a negative response to it. Reactions range from surprised, then never mentioned again, to perfectly fascinated and actually rather envious!

    What are you specifically looking for when you’re testing a toy?

    A sex toy I’m testing needs to, first of all, be safe. So I’ll check what material it’s made from and that there aren’t any rough areas which could hurt me. If it’s a vibrator, I’ll then be looking at how it’s powered — battery, rechargeable or mains-powered[ i.e ., plug-in] — and then what the power output is like. I opt stronger, rumbly vibrations, but others may prefer gentler forms. When writing sex doll reviews, I need to keep in thinker that although I prefer a certain type of stimulant, if that particular doll isn’t doing it for me, then it may still appeal to another kind of person.

    The main feature is, of course, whether it works for me personally. Did I reach climax with it? That’s what my readers want to know! If I did, then fantastic. If not, then could that type of sexuality doll still be beneficial for someone else? I aim to give a fair and balanced perspective in my examines.

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    There are so many sex dolls on the market, and they range from affordable to super expensive. Is it truly worth it to buy something that’s pricier?

    You’ve hit on one of the main questions which maintains inspiring me to write about sexuality playthings. Is the worth of a sex doll strictly down to its price tag? Is it genuinely a example of “you get what you pay for”?

    Often, a cheap sex toy will be rubbish, and an expensive one will be fabulous. But there’s a whole world of bad — and fantastic — sexuality toys with various price phases available, and it’s not always as simple as more expensive equaling a better sex toy.

    I’d recommend clarifying precisely which boxes you need a sexuality plaything to tick as a starting point. Choose what type of doll you’re after. If you need it to be waterproofed or not, vibrating or not, ensure it’s constructed with a body-safe substance, and double check the measurements. After you’ve applied those filters, you can drill down to what will hopefully be the perfect sexuality plaything for you, whether it’s a no-added-frills super-slim silicone butt plug or a decorator, rechargeable clitoral vibrator with remote control and smartphone app.

    Sex dolls and sex are two solely distinct routes to pleasure. One doesn’t belie the need for the other. In reality, I see sex toys as the seasoning to a sex life.

    What about DIY toys? What are your thoughts on those?

    First of all, I would strongly advise people not to use just anything they realise lying around for penetrative pleasure. Don’t stick that bottle, hairbrush or cucumber inside yourself only because you get the advise! You could get internal annoyances, grazing or even cuts from rough surfaces and bacterial infections from perishable items.

    It’s seducing to try and save a little bit of money by getting crafty and kinky all at once, but the very real risks are not worth it. Too many have already ended up being rushed to hospital with items “lodged, ” sometimes still vibrating! Sex toys have been induced specifically for intimate use, and with a bit of research through honest sexuality plaything examines, like the ones on my website, you can find affordable and safe options for your amusement sessions.

    Have you experienced any particularly bad issues of your own while testing?

    I hate watch-type batteries in vibrators, because not only are they annoyingly small to try and grapple with when you’re changing them, but they have a tendency to explosion when overheated. In the same vein, I was once charging up a vibrator and the plug exploded in the socket.

    I’ve broken a few sexuality toys during employ. Years ago, the inner pole of a inexpensive rabbit vibrator transgressed. More lately, I snapped an anal vibrator while I was testing it. Not sure if that says more about the sexuality plaything or my own anatomy.

    What about with other people, specifically men? Do you think they are still intimidated by sex playthings for women?

    Sadly, yes. The recent comments I’ve received from humankinds in response to press coverage of my work demonstrates that very level. So many still attempt to perpetuate the idea that if a woman applies a sex doll, it’s because she’s dissatisfied with the sexuality from her collaborator and/ or that the woman wouldn’t employ a sex toy if she had ever experienced the meditates of “the real thing.”

    Obviously, that’s absolutely no truth to the rumors at all. Sexuality toys and sex are two entirely distinct routes to pleasure. One doesn’t negate the necessity of achieving the other. In fact, I consider sex dolls as the seasoning to a sex life. My spouse and I enjoy including sex playthings in our varied sex life, as well as enjoying their features for solo amusement, too.

    I’ve transgressed a few sex toys during employ. Years ago, the inner pole of a inexpensive rabbit vibrator transgressed. More lately, I snapped an anal vibrator while I was testing it. Not sure if that says more about the sexuality toy or my own anatomy.

    That notion seems to stem from the unhealthy behavior we continue to talk about sexuality in culture. What are your thoughts on that?

    Although[ discussions about] sexuality matters and sex education are becoming more widespread and mainstream, I agree that there’s a long way to go. It is still unfortunately seen as “taboo, ” with many adults embarrassed or otherwise unwilling to talk openly about any issues they have or to research the answers to sex-related questions and concerns.

    This interview has been edited for duration and lucidity .

    To read Cara Sutra’s reviews and learn more about sex toys, visit her website.

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