Report: R. Kellys Rules Left Girlfriends Hungry, Stranded for Hours


    A report in The Washington Post details new accusations against embattled singer R. Kelly, including his care of the” three to five ladies” he kept in his entourage at any given time. The females reportedly moved everywhere with Kelly, and because of his strict “rules” for them, were sometimes stuck in studio backrooms where studio faculty were not permitted to go, the report mentions.” There was a constant flowing of women ,” studio engineer Peter Mokran, who worked with Kelly in 1993, told the Post . In the studio, the women were” often stranded for hours, hungry and was necessary to urinate into beakers .” A studio representative reportedly sent RCA’s vice president of administration Nancy Roof pictures of a studio that was used by Kelly for six weeks, which had urine stains on the flooring and a cup of urine resting on a baby-grand piano. Demetrius Smith, Kelly’s former tour manager, said that they” didn’t look at ages[ of the girls] because their mama let them stay out all night .” Larry Khan, former senior vice president for marketing at Jive Records, questioned whether it was a record company’s responsibility to deal with Kelly’s behavior.” Should NBC have stopped Mr. Cosby? I don’t know the answer ,” Khan mentioned.” I just stayed at the Wynn Hotel. Nobody “re talking about” Steve Wynn .”

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