Get impregnated by World Cup stars and win free Whoppers, says Burger King


    Burger Kings Russian division has apologized for a social media campaign offering free burgers for life to women who get pregnant by football players

    Burger King has apologized for a poor-taste advertising campaign posted on its official Russian social media account.

    On Tuesday the burger chain announced a publicity on VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, offering wives 3 million Russian roubles ($ 47,000) and a lifetime render of Whoppers if they get impregnated by football players competing in the Football world cup.

    Shortly after announcing the campaign they drew it due to backlash. Burger King posted the following statement on VK apologizing and said it had removed all materials related to the promotion. However, evidence of the stunt lives on in screenshots.

    Screenshot captured by Deadspin Photograph: VK

    Burger King’s Russia division has a history of horrific publicity-baiting stunts. Last year it made fun of a teenage rape victim in an online marketing campaign. The fast-food company utilized the likeness of Diana Shurygina, who was raped when she was 16 at a house party, as part of a buy one get one free burger give.

    And it’s not just Russia; Burger King has a global track record of misogynistic marketing. In Singapore the company advertised a seven-inch burger with overtly sex imagery and a tagline telling ” It’ll blow your psyche away .” The framework featured in the 2009 advertising campaign subsequently came forward to say she had no idea her image was going to be used in that way.

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