Elon Musk’s Rant About Fake News Just Took A Weird New Sex-Culty Turn


    Elon Musk went on a bizarre Twitter rant last week about the “fake news” media after his company received negative attention when media outlet Reveal questioned security practices at one of his Tesla factories.

    It was positively presidential, and wasn’t exactly met with critical acclaim.

    Though he has been praised by Stan Lee in a rare cameo appearing on the topic of media responsibility.

    Musk has since suggested that he is going to set up his own website where normal members of the public, like him, could rate journalists and articles in order to track the credibility of media outlets and journalists, called “Pravda”.

    Once everyone had gotten over the strange epithet( Pravda was also the name of the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ), many people started to ask: What does Elon think is a credible source?

    Well, here’s where it starts get a bit sex-culty. Musk tweeted out an analysis that he believed to be “excellent”, from The Knife Media, which protected him against several articles blaming his ideas, and proposed their own media-rating system.

    Musk’s tweet, which had now been been deleted .

    What’s so bad about that?

    Well, the article he’s citing is from Knife Media, which is a rebrand of the Knife of Aristotle. This corporation is linked to NXIVM, Fortune reports, a marketing group that is allegedly a front for a “sex cult”.

    You may realise the alleged cult from a high-profile example involving an actress from Smallville .

    The co-founder of the self-described “self-help group” has been charged with sex trafficking in human beings and is reportedly became female adherents into “slaves”, branded his initials into their bodies, and coerced members into having sexuality, the Guardian reports.

    We’re not saying that Elon Musk knew any of this- he clearly didn’t as he has since deleted the tweet- nonetheless, it’s clear that as a member of the public he saw an article and believed it to be credible. If his ranking system had been in place, there’s a good chance he( and other laymen) would have ranked it as credible, even though it’s an article from a firm potentially fronting a sexuality cult.

    If his ranking is a very good mind, he certainly didn’t aid prove that level here.

    He has since deleted the tweet praising the article, though he stands by their analysis.

    Just like his bizarre rant last week, it hasn’t gone down well online.

    Although that’s no clue his trust rankings on Pravda wouldn’t be through the roof.

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