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American Horror Story’s Season 8 To Be Highly Buzzed About Coven/Murder House Crossover!

1 + 3 does not = 8. Unless you’re Yes, he’s finally making good (or evil?) on pairing Murder House with Coven – and for a season earlier than expected! The first and third installment

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IHOP is Getting Flame Broiled By Every Restaurant on Twitter

It seems like absolutely everyone is dragging IHOP for their publicity stunt change to IHOb. You can tell all these other brands are trying to scramble to get on the same publicity train, but it’s

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Report: Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Pushed for Border Separation Policy

White House adviser Stephen Miller was the driving force behind President Trumps decision to enforce the family separation policy at U.S. borders, according to The New York Times. Unlike Trump, who

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EWWWWWW!!!! Get Your First Look At The Dr. Pimple Popper TV Show IF YOU DARE!

When we heard Dr. Sandra Lee Apparently everything… this first trailer is just bursting with new skin problems for her to tackle! But there’s more this time. Dr. Lee says:“The TLC

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20+ Spicy Gems From The Legendary Anthony Bourdain

The world lost a champion of the senses today. Anthony Bourdain, celebrated Chef, author and television personality, took his own life early this morning in Strasbourg, France. Bourdain was no stranger

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Why you should wake up at 4:30 am every day, according to a Navy SEAL.

Do you think you’ll change your habits after hearing his reasoning? Read more:

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Did You Know Some Antelope Species Can Jump…

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25+ Hilarious Memes That Will Make You Laugh Only If You Grew Up In The 90s

Nostalgia has a place in everyone’s hearts, but no one floods the internet with their sentiments about the past as much as ’90s kids. However, since no age group spends online as much time

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A ridiculous amount of pollen comes out of this tree with the slightest tap.

Hope you’re good at holding your breath. Read more:

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